Frequently Asked Questions

When will my prescription expire?
In most instances, spectacle prescriptions are valid for two years. There are some factors, such as the age of the patient, their overall health or ophthalmic history that can affect the validity of the prescription. The doctors will make the decision based on these and other factors.

Contact lens prescriptions expire after one yea, unless otherwise determined by the doctor.

What is a PD?
The "pupillary distance," is the distance between the center of the eyes. This measurement is used when glasses are made, so that the eyes are aligned with the portion of the lens with the best optics.

What is the difference between glasses ordered online and in the office?
It may seem easy and inexpensive to order glasses online, but there are many factors when choosing eyewear that can be overlooked when buying online. Particularly with high prescriptions and multifocals, it is important that precise measurements are made to optimize vision and comfort. Frame selection should take into account the type of prescription the patient has. There are also a wide range of lens material choices that can affect vision and/ or cosmesis of the lenses.

A study by Pacific University in 2011 determined that nearly half of prescription spectacles delivered directly by online vendors did not meet either the optical requirements of the patient's visual needs or the safely standards for impact resistance.

Do I need to schedule an appointment to look at glasses?
There is no need to make an appointment to look at glasses. Our optical staff is always ready to help you choose a frame and lenses to meet your individual needs.

How long will my glasses or contacts take to come in?
Depending on the type of lenses ordered, most glasses take 7-10 business days to complete. Contact lenses usually arrive in 3-5 business days.

Can my glasses or contacts be shipped directly to my house?
Any annual supply of contact lenses can be shipped to your home or work at no charge. Smaller quantities can be shipped with a minimal shipping fee.



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