Vision Therapy

Learning problems

Vision-Related Learning Problems

Vision is our primary source for information gathering in learning. Many children experience academic difficulties because of visual dysfunctions that cannot be detected in traditional vision screenings. These problems might include eye tracking, teaming,focusing and visual perceptual deficits.

Dr. Elizabeth Crandon offers comprehensive testing that can determine whether learning related vision problems might exist. If a problem exists, it can most often be treated with lenses and/or vision therapy.

Brain injury

Brain Injury

Acquired brain injuries such as stroke and concussion can result in vision problems , such as double vision, poor eye movements and peripheral awareness and spatial confusion. Dr. Elizabeth Crandon has training and experience to identify these problems . With the use of lenses and/or vision therapy, these patients can regain comfortable and efficient visual processing skills.
Special needs

Special Needs

Visual deficits are more common among patients with special needs. Dr. Elizabeth Crandon is experienced in prescribing special lenses and/or vision therapy to help these patients process visual information more comfortably and effectively.
Sports therapy

Sports Vision

Performance in sports is dependent not only on athletic ability, but on precise visual skills. The ability to accurately follow a ball and judge its location requires quick, accurate eye teaming and tracking skills.

Dr. Elizabeth Crandon can evaluate and improve on theses skills to help athletes perform to their potential on the field.

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